Straight From Eden Creme of Nature Relaxer Review

Creme of Nature Eden Relaxer

I usually have my hair professionally relaxed every 12 weeks and almost each time, despite using with different relaxers, I end up with a burned scalp and some pain.  My scalp is sensitive and the relaxer cannot be left on for any “cooking” time, almost as soon as it’s applied I need it to be washed out.

Enter the Creme of Nature Straight From Eden Plant-Derived Relaxer for fine, wavy or delicate hair.  What makes this relaxer unique is the cream base (the part that you add the activator to) is made of all natural ingredients.  Another key difference is the activator, there are two parts that you add into the cream base.  One is the actual activator (still has the chemicals that are needed to straighten the hair) and the other is a cream booster.  The gloves included in the kit are good quality gloves too, none of those weird ones you have to pull from the instructions booklet.

alyssa's hair

I do not have fine hair by any stretch of the imagination and my hair is bra line length.  However, since I have a sensitive scalp I thought this could probably work.

I took it to my stylist and he looked at it for a while. He said it had a few extra ingredients to add to the mixture, which he did, and we let the relaxing process begin.


A week before the relaxer, I washed and crimped my hair for a low maintenance style, one that didn’t need much brushing to control. I also took care not to scratch the scalp. He applied the Creme of Nature Straight From Eden relaxer and asked the usual question “is it burning yet?” Surprisingly, it wasn’t.  So he proceeded to “work it in.”  Still, no fire. He was able to apply and smooth the relaxer with ample time before washing it out. He was just as shocked as I was, and we agreed that this needed to be my new go to perm.

Of course I wondered how it actually came out since I’d been wrongfully equating burning with straightening, and it was just as straight as any other relaxer.  I think I’ve found my new favorite!

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  1. Angela says

    Your hair looks lovely. I love how healthy and shiny it looks. After I’m done with my twelve week stretch next wee, this will be what I will be using. I picked up the “A” option last week in Walgreens. I’ll have to pick up the shampoo,conditioner & the oil since I’ve only read good things about them as well.

  2. Simone says

    Sounds amazing! I just picked it up today. Of course I’m still a little skeptical but I’m going to give it a go! I was wondering what type your natural hair is? Thanks for the great review!

  3. jmason says

    I really want to try this but a CON rep told me that it shouldn’t be used on colored hair. I told her that I only use 100% BAQ henna on my hair and that I’ve used other relaxers with my hennaed hair without any problems. She still said I shouldn’t use it. I haven’t been able to find reviews of this product on hennaed hair.

    • says

      I have a portion of my hair colored with permanent dye. It’s not in highlights but more of streaks through a quarter of my head. My stylist isn’t fond of whole hair color as we all know it is damaging. I can’t speak to henna and the relaxer. But I’m sure the CON rep is erring on the side of caution as far as discouraging it’s use. I did have henna a few years ago and I relaxed my hair with it. I usually do every 12 weeks. I also usually use mild strength.

      • Mel says

        Can you use this new relaxer and use Creme of nature permanent hair color the same day since it isn’t a harsh perm? I have cremme of nature red color in my hair. I went natural because I wanted to keep color in my hair and did’nt want to add relaxers at the same time, but now I want to straighten it again. Can I still have both with this product?

        • says

          I currently have a clairol color in my hair. It wasn’t done at the same visit. I waited about 4-6 weeks in between. Again my entire head is not colored either, minimizing the amount of hair that is colored and chemically processed. I haven’t had issues with breaking. I trim it regularly as well as overnight condition and wash it weekly.

  4. Arlene says

    Well I must say this is the BEST relaxer I have ever used. I have always used good quality relaxers I.e. AROSCI, Affirm etc, but this one wow, wow and wow. My scalp is very, very sensitive and normally by the time I have done a second round, my scalp starts to tingle then becomes too sensitive to carry on. But when I relaxed my hair yesterday with the new ‘Cream of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer Kit’ (A) there was no tingling, no burning. I started placing the relaxer on my hair at 0940hrs and by 1110hrs I was washing it off. I was able to do a third round of combing the re growth. I was in such disbelief that I couldn’t believe it was actually relaxing my hair with no tingling or burns. Next time I shall place it straight on my scalp in round one. I will be using this one FOREVER. :). Thanks Revlon

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