Victoria’s Secret Laundry!

I used to LOVE the Victoria’s Secret laundry detergent, the scent was amazing. I would buy the large bottle and add a capful to a bottle of unscented detergent to make it last longer. Unfortunally, for some strange reason, Victoria’s Secret discontinued it and I was heart-broken so image my surprise when I saw this sitting on the stand by the register! I immediately thought, IT’S BACK! I quickly picked up a bottle and sniffed it. I’m a tad bit disappointed because it seems as though the scent has been changed, it’s not a fragrant as it used to be. But sitting next to the laundry detergent was the dryer sheets and they do actually smell like the original stuff, just not as strong.

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  1. says

    I was wondering if you know whether or not the detergent is still available? I have been searching for some for a long time and can only find it on ebay. Did they discontinue this a 2nd time?

  2. Anonymous says

    The detergent is still available in stores, at least the ones on the west coast. I was just in one yesterday. But I just don’t see it on their website. Too bad they don’t give the same amount they used to, but it’s still wonderful.

  3. Anonymous says

    Were you looking for the Lavish Detergent or the Gentle Affection Detergent? I never used either before so I’m not sure if there was even a difference in smell.

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