Turkish Bath Mitt Review

turkish bath mitt review

I’m all for a good exfoliation session but I was not expecting the results I got with my new Turkish Bath Mitt.  You might be asking yourself what the heck is a Turkish Bath Mitt, but I’m going to tell you.  It’s the best thing ever!  At first glance it’s just a piece of thin-ish fabric sewed into a mitt shape, nothing at all special.  I read a few reviews that said when you use it the old skin just rolls off, that’s what sparked my curiosity.  I promptly ordered one via Amazon.com and I have Amazon Prime so it was delivered in a flash!  When I finally got the time to take a bath, I was super excited to try it out.

To use a Turkish Bath Mitt you should either take a nice hot bath, allowing your skin to really soak and soften up.  Then you take your mitt and wet it, ring out the excess water (don’t use soap) and rub it on your skin in long strokes going up and down then back and forth.  My first attempt, nothing happened.  I did not wait long enough and give my skin enough of a chance to soften up.  So I lounged in the tub longer, reading my magazine and scrolling through pinterest.  Finally, I decided to try again and I was SHOCKED!!!!  My skin was just rolling away.

Here’s the catch, it’s easy to over do it because you literally see the skin coming off and you want to just do more more more.  Don’t do more, you’ll end up over exfoliating your skin.  Afterwards, I needed to take a quick shower to wash away whatever rolls of skin were clinging onto me and I was amazed at how soft I was.  I got The Hubs to do my back and he was like this is gross in a cool kinda way (that’s love).   :-)

Find the Turkish Bath Hamam Hammam Spa Exfoliator Kese Glove/mitt on Amazon.com

Yuberkis Dominican Beauty Salon Review

Yuberkis Dominican Salon

There’s a new salon in town.  What town?  West Orange, NJ.  Frustrated with my usual $8.00 doobie place for a bunch of little reasons, I decided to try out a new place.  My mom had told me about a new place she had drove by Yuberkis Dominican Salon.  The first time I went, I was greeted by a friendly trio who I later discovered is usually always there.  Vanessa, the salon Manager, a gentleman (the owner) and another woman whose name is escaping me right now.  They all speak fluent English, which is a plus whenever you go to a doobie place because this is not always the case.  My Spanish is limited and I like to be able to communicate my needs and have them completely understood.  Anyway, moving right along.  I’ve gone there quite a few times now for regular doobies, steam treatments, and a keratin treatment.  I also let Vanessa trim my ends.

I love that it’s pretty quiet there and I never have to wait to have my hair started, I’m pretty much in and out.  I love that I don’t have to stay under the dryer for extra time just because they are not ready for me yet.  Another great thing about the salon are the free perks that you wouldn’t typically find at another Doobie spot.  For example, Yuberkis Dominican Beauty Salon offers free wifi, snacks, water, coffee, and wine on the weekends for those who are 21 and over.  Yes, you read that correctly, they have wine.  I don’t frequent doobie shops on the weekend because I. JUST. CAN’T.  That’s when everyone and their momma comes out to have their hair done, so I can’t speak to how busy (or not) they are on a weekend day.

Anyway, another thing I love is that they do have a steam machine, so you can get a steam treatment right at the salon.  That’s a big plus for me because I love steam and so does my hair but I don’t have the same amount of time to do it at home.  However, with all the perks comes a downside.  The pricing, like I said before I’m used to my base cost of $8.00-$10.00 then extra’s are added in.  I recently got a standard doobie – wash, conditioner (did not sit under the dryer) and I had my roots blown out the cost was $20.00 at Yuberkis Dominican Beauty Salon.  I could have gotten the same exact thing (I bring all my own products) for $13.00-$15.00 including a deep conditioner under the dryer had I gone to my usual place.  So while the snacks, wifi, and other perks are nice you’re paying for them so they aren’t exactly free perks, if you get what I’m saying.  Anyway, I like the way my hair turns out and I really like that I can get a steam treatment done there.

Want to check them out?

Yuberkis Dominican Beauty Salon

57 Harrison Ave.
West Orange, NJ 07052

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Updates – Where have I been

miss you

I apologize for the lack of consistent posts here on Beauty Blvd. but I’m the mother of an almost 2 year old!  Life is hectic, I’m working full-time, working on a Master’s degree full-time, and being a mom really takes up the majority of all my time.  I put my little one down anywhere between 8:30 ands 9:30 and I have every intention of putting her down then spending a little time writing but I end up heading to bed myself.  Or I’m up getting things ready for the next day, tidying up and doing a million other things instead of spending time writing.

But rest assured, all is well over here in little corner of the ‘net.  I’ve missed writing and talking to you guys.  So I’m going to try my best to get more writing done and share more things with you guys.  Hope you’ll stick around to see what’s new.

Luv ya long time!

SwimSpray Saves the Day

swimspray review
From avid swimmers to once in a while swimmers to those who just put their feet in, everyone is familiar with the chlorine scent.  It lingers and just won’t quit despite your best efforts to wash in away with a shower.  Here’s the deal, the chlorine bonds with skin and hair and regular soap just can’t get it away.  What can you do?  Try SwimSpray, we have been loving it this summer.  All it is, is a spray that you use after you swim to remove chlorine from your body and hair.  SwimSpray helps you remove chlorine totally, so I knew I had to do a SwimSpray review for my readers!

swimspray review 1

For us, the issue is the lingering chlorine in our hair.  I hate to think that I can’t wash it all away with one shampoo, but sometimes that’s just not the case.  The worst part about it is that you can’t really tell if all the chlorine is gone or not.  Since we’ve been using SwimSpray, our hair gets back to feeling soft faster which for me means the chlorine is out!  SwimSpray has been awesome, it’s easy to use and safe for children too.  It really works on getting the chlorine out the first time, so it helps maintain healthy hair throughout the summer!  It has no smell at all, it’s clear and because the bottle is a small spray bottle it’s very portable.

Find SwimSpray here.

Ebay Adventures: 3 Things to do BEFORE selling on ebay

3 Things to do BEFORE selling on ebay

So lately I’ve been purging all of our things that we no longer use and no longer want.  At first I was considering just throwing things away, or putting them on the front curb with a TAKE ME sign.  Then something said, why don’t you try Ebay.  I’ve sold things on Ebay before, but never seriously and never in the volume that I’ve been doing recently.  I’m happy to say I’ve been making a decent amount of money from things just laying around my house.  The first things I started with were bras that no longer fit.  These bras were in excellent used condition because most of them I purchased during pregnancy.  I had no idea my size would just keep changing throughout the entire pregnancy and then be a completely different size afterwards.  Anyway, I listed a few and was shocked when they actually sold!  That was it, I was hooked.  I went through O’s baby clothes that I knew I would not use if we end up having a second girl and listed those things, again they sold!  Now, I would not say I’m an Ebay Pro or anything like that but I have learned a few tips along the way, including these 3 things to do before selling on eBay.  These tips will save you a little headache and possible even prevent you from LOSING money.

3 Things to do BEFORE selling on eBay:

1. Calculate shipping prices PRIOR to listing.  It’s best to invest in a postage scale so you are accurate and never end up having to deduct from your sale price to cover unexpected shipping costs.  Once I sold a few items I had made enough to cover the cost of a shipping scale.  I purchased a hot pink Salter Brecknell 25 Lb Electronic Postal Shipping Scale.  I love it, it’s accurate and very simple to use.  Pack your item up like your going to ship it, but don’t seal it yet then weight it and list.

2. Take lots of pictures.  Ebay gives you 12 free images, use them all!  Point out flaws and take close up pictures of the flaws, full disclosure is the best bet.  You want people to bid with confidence and be happy with their purchases.  I like to use a white background and natural light, it works best for me.  Experiment with different lighting options and you’ll find what works best for you.  I use my iPhone to take the pictures.

3. Do your homework.  If you click the advanced button near the search bar on Ebay you can search for sold items.  This will give you an idea of how to price your item and how to work your description. I had no idea you could do this at first, but now I find it extremely helpful.  It’s also helpful if you want to buy used and sell for a profit on Ebay (more on that in another post).

Want to see what I have up for auction?  Visit me on Ebay and add me to your followers list!